Konstnären skapar blommor från papper i Kingwood Gardens

Paper Gardens Kingwood Center

MANSFIELD – “Paper Gardens,” is an art exhibit at Kingwood Center Gardens by Columbus artist Lea Gray, who will have some visitors wondering if the flowers are real or fake. Gray said she takes it as a compliment.

The exhibition is open until August at Kingwood Hall. This is Gray’s first official exhibition for his company, PaperBlooms Design LLC. There she will teach her design workshops at Kingwood in May, June, August and September.

Gray makes flowers, plants and trees from paper she buys from a company in Germany. She colors the paper cuts, lures and bakes creations in her kitchen oven.


“Paper Gardens”, is an art exhibition at Kingwood Center Gardens until August. Columbus artist Lea Gray has visitors who wonder if the flowers are real or fake. Gray takes it as a compliment. (Color: attached)

Art Exhibition

“My closet has a window I use it as my spray box,” she said.

Gray, who has studied visual arts with a focus on landscape painting at the Columbus College of Art and Design, discovered shortly after origami. It made her “explore a more complex way of creating paper,” she said. Her passion and love for nature gave rise to a new direction in resembling plants, flowers and trees.

She said “that she is constantly inspired by nature and passionate about combining materials and various technological opportunities to capture the properties of each plant. From collecting branches from nature to coloring and baking paper, she has always taken her work to a higher level. , she said.

“I’ve always been obsessed with art since kindergarten,” she said.

Six or seven years ago, she ran a company that makes origami lamps.

She said she was bored and told that someone was coming and asked her if she could make a flower of paper. But unfortunately, this was nothing this time.

But a friend asked her if she could make paper flowers with a realistic look for her mother on Mother’s Day and offered her $ 100.

“I made this bouquet. It took me about 45 hours,” she said. “But I loved it.”

She succeeded, she says, surprised by what she had created. Then a friend came to her and wanted one for her mother too.

Paper Gardens, an exhibit of art by Lea Gray, is now on display at Kingwood Center Gardens.

Papers Gardens, is now an exhibition of art by Lea Gray, which is now on view at Kingwood Center Gardens. (Photography: Jason J. Molyet / News Journal)

Lea Gray Thoughts

She realized then that she had a concept for a company.

“I didn’t want to make origami anymore. I wanted something that was challenging and fun and it never ended as far as design aspects. It was kind of like origami on steroids,” she said with a laugh. “It was like a sculpture and still challenges me every day.”

She said there are a lot of challenges to running a business for any artist and month after month there were tears and meltdowns, but she continues to keep on doing so because she loves it.

She has plenty of patience and humor, she said.

Gray picks branches and river stones for his work.

“They are the only two things I use in my work and the reason I use these things is that they are based on an illusion. For me, running a business, I don’t want to spend a lot of time recreating a branch “, she says.

Paper Gardens, an exhibit of art by Lea Gray, is now on display at Kingwood Center Gardens.

Papers Gardens, an exhibition of art by Lea Gray, is now on display at Kingwood Center Gardens. (Photography: Jason J. Molyet / News Journal)

For example, a yellow, flowering forsythia branch in the exhibition makes people look twice.

“” When a lot of people came into the gallery I thought I had just bought something as a display for myself and then when I told them, they got up close, it was pretty fun to play a trick. The resin made it look like it was in real water. I like to do things like really try to create, is it right or isn’t it? She asked.

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