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Vivi Fixar Festivalen Mood

Who is Vivi Wallin? 

– I run Fixa Myself, Sweden’s largest home fix blog focusing on baking, DIY (DIY) and crafts.

How did you become a fixer?

– I am the mother of Elmer, 11 years old and Knut, 8 years, and as a parent I realized early on that it was a matter of simplifying life as much as possible so as not to take cabbage on itself. That is why I want to give my best tips, fix and hack for a fun and easy family life. I also run the Instagram account Moms Truth where I, with the twinkle in my eye, depict the mother’s life as it really is. Completely free of embellished filters.

Tell us about your festival hack!

– I have been honored to work with Coop to produce six films in which Knut and I show simple and fun festival hacking for an ultimate experience at home on the TV couch. We give tips on everything from how you can easily dance out the world’s best slush and make a bowl of tissue to how to fix a piano cake of just four ingredients. And how to make a taco cut to avoid scratches and spills. Join us, it will be fun!

Here you will find all the Vivi festival hack here!

Want Vivi tips? Take a look at  Fix yourself!


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