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Vad är Kirigami?

Kirigami Art Form

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When you think of Japanese paper crafts, origami is probably the first art form to come to mind. If you are familiar with this ancient practice, you know that a work of origami art is created by manipulating a single sheet of paper with something other than a series of strategic folds. While this is the most well-known approach to the old art form, there are also adaptations. Kirigami, a variant of origami, offers a bit more creative freedom by allowing artists to cut, pinch and cut their paper creations.

Vad är Kirigami?
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The term kirigami is derived from kiru  (cut) and kami  (paper), which is from the Japanese language.


Undoubtedly inspired by jiǎnzhǐ, the Japanese began to cut the paper into decorative artwork in the 7th century. Like Chinese, they used a special type of paper derived from mulberry plant fibers that had been “soaked in clear river water, thickened and then filtered through a bamboo screen” by hand.

Washi Paper

In Japan, this paper would be called washi paper  -a medium that still inherent both origami and Kirigami practices today.

Today, many artists continue to keep the kirigami craft alive. Whether to adapt the method to suit their own paper cutting interests or faithful to the Japanese art form these contemporary artisans capture timelessness in practice.

Vad är Kirigami?
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Vad är Kirigami?
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